Women Friendly Leeds Statement on the Managed Approach

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Women Friendly Leeds Statement on the Managed Approach

The Women Friendly Leeds movement believes all women and girls have the right to their view and to express it. We know that women and girls have different views and opinions on a range of issues, and we also acknowledge women’s varied life experiences, that shape those views. We don’t express to have the “answer” to many intersectional and challenging issues and want to encourage all women to be engaged. Healthy disagreement has always been part of the feminist movement.

In relation to the managed approach, we welcome the Independent Review, as it impartially looked at the views of many individuals, members of the community, sex workers and others concerned, and assessed the outcomes of the approach in a variety of ways. Safety and wellbeing of all women and girls should be an on-going priority for the city and there will continue to be conflicting views about the best way of achieving this. The Women Friendly Leeds movement will not develop, inspire and make change happen unless all women and girls are listened to.

We value #inclusivity, #kindness and #compassion in approach.

We encourage women living in the area who have experienced harassment or incidents that make them feel unsafe to report this to the Managed Approach Team on 07534309568

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