Women Friendly Leeds – COVID-19 Survey

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Women Friendly Leeds – COVID-19 Survey

Back in June, Women Friendly Leeds sent out a survey to find out how the women of Leeds had been affected by COVID-19. We had a brilliant response, with nearly 1000 of you sharing your experience. We have read through every single answer and are grateful to every woman who responded.

Our Recommendations

The following recommendations have been drawn from this report and will be shared across all strategic partnerships:
1. The report will be disseminated and inform future planning in the city, where city leaders will take a proactive approach to gender and have an inclusive leadership stance in the COVID-19 recovery stage.
2. Women’s Lives Leeds will adopt a strategy to share the report as widely as possible to all regional and national partners.
3. City leaders continue to recognise gender equality and that the voices, experiences and views of a diverse range of women are included and represented in conversations going forward in the future.
4. City leaders are to consider and include employability and equality in conversations at every stage in the COVID-19 recovery process, as these were identified as particular concerns, both currently and in the future.
5. All Partners including Leeds City Council, Public Health and Clinical Commissioning Groups who have a responsibility for designing, reviewing and commissioning services consider the specifics that are relevant to them to help shape more targeted approaches; to help make changes to services and to adapt to meet identified need that has arisen directly due to the pandemic, in particular maternity and mental health.
6. The Women’s and Girl’s Hubs consider this alongside the City Listening Project’s outcomes; form task and finish groups to agree and take forward collective priorities based on the broader scope of both projects.

View the report

Download the report as a PDF:

Full Report

Executive Summary

Maternity Mini Report

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