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As part of the Women Friendly Leeds commitment to promoting Black voices, we have been sharing quotes from the Black Women of Leeds on our social media accounts. See below for the quotes so far, and keep an eye on our social media as we share more quotes in the future (we will also update this page).

If you are a black woman who wants to share your experience, please contact annettem@leedswomensaid.org.uk or get in touch via our social media (linked below).

Women Friendly Leeds is a movement to make Leeds even better for all women in the city. We believe that we are stronger together, and that a Leeds that is better for women is better for everyone. Click here to find out more and get involved; you may want to become an ambassador or ally, promoting the Women Friendly Movement and supporting women in the city, or make a pledge. You can also help promote the movement by sharing our social media posts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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