First WLL Drop-Ins Up and Running

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First WLL Drop-Ins Up and Running

Our Community Development Workers have been very busy getting out into communities and raising awareness of our exciting new project and what they can offer to the diverse communities of Leeds. 

We now have our first lot of drop-ins up and running! All of our drop-ins are free to access, open to all women and girls in Leeds, and are a safe and confidential space. Some of our drop-ins are not open to all members of the public – see individual drop-in information below for details.

 Our Community Development Worker for the South of Leeds has organised a weekly drop-in service for any woman or girl looking for advice, support or who simply wants a friendly and confidential chat. This drop-in is open to all women and girls, and runs from 9:30am-midday every Monday at the Asha Neighbourhood Project, 43 Stratford Street, LS11 6EG.

A breakfast club will also be up and running at Asha Neighbourhood Project, from next Tuesday 18th April. A friendly and informal atmosphere for women and girls in South Leeds to come together and get advice and support from the Community Developer Worker. She can also signpost you to other services that can offer support. You can meet other women and girls living in the same area, and maybe even offer or gain some peer support!

There is also a new drop-in running at the Together Women Project every Thursday from 11am-2pm. Our Community Development Worker for the City and West can offer support around a wide range of topics – such as helping you access the support you need, supporting you if you are new to Leeds, supporting you to find volunteering, work experience, training or employment – this list is endless! Open to all women and girls in Leeds, this free and confidential drop-in will be able to help with anything you need.

Our Community Development Worker covering the East has also got her first drop-in up and running at Seacole. She is supporting young women who are accessing Seacole by providing information, advice and support. She is also lucky to get involved with some of the fantastic activities going on there – arts and crafts, and baking and cooking to name a few! This drop-in is only available to young women and who are already accessing Seacole.

We also have a new drop-in running every Wednesday at the Church of Nazarene on Hunslet Hall Road, LS11 6TT. This will be running alongside the Craft Cafe and our Community Development Worker will be available for a friendly chat, to offer advice and support around a variety of issues. Pop in for a chat!

As you can see our Community Development Workers are doing a fantastic job of getting out into the community and supporting the women and girls of Leeds! If you would like to speak to any of our workers about the possibility of running a drop-in service at your service then please get in touch!

They can also facilitate outreach and awareness-raising sessions, as well as attending events to promote the great work that we do! 



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