Do you want to promote your organisation on the Women’s Lives Leeds online Directory? Please click here to download the submission form and send to We will endeavour to have your service live on the Directory within 2 weeks of receiving your completed form.

This information will appear on the Women’s Lives Leeds Directory. The directory is for women and girls in Leeds, giving them information about services and support available so that they can be empowered to access the services they want, when they choose. We encourage all services that work with women and girls to take this opportunity to promote your services on this new directory.

Eligibility criteria

  • your organisation provides a service that is delivered to and accessed by women and/or girls
  • you must be able to provide information on the contact details, services, and restrictions/limitations, of your service
  • your service must based be in a Leeds postcode
  • if you are a trader who would like to be promoted on the Directory, you must be female
  • you must have your own complaints policy and deal with any complaints that come through the Directory from users
  • you must inform WLL of any updates about your service (change of contact details, services available, eligibility criteria etc.)
  • you must agree to WLL having the right to removing your service if we are unable to contact you for any more than 4 weeks
  • you must provide a lead contact for WLL, and if this person leaves/changes then update WLL with the new lead contact
  • you must provide accurate, clear and up to date information about your service
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