Social Media House Rules

Women’s Lives Leeds (WLL) wants to ensure our social media is a safe, friendly space which encourages respectful conversation. We understand that the individuals who make up our audience have a range of differing views and encourage discussion which is underpinned by mutual respect and kindness.

We will not tolerate any inappropriate materials; this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Messages which are hateful or discriminatory against a person or group on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, race, age, disability, religion or class, amongst other characteristics
  • Lewd or pornographic messages and images
  • Harassment, bullying, threatening or targeting of an individual or group
  • False or defamatory claims
  • Violations of intellectual property rights
  • Invasions of another person’s privacy or breaches of confidentiality
  • Graphic violence or other distressing content
  • Spam, trolling and repeated irrelevant and off-topic content
  • Abuse aimed at any individual or group
  • Hate speech and extremism
  • Materials that are in any other way offensive or illegal

Anything deemed to be inappropriate will be removed where possible. Depending on the seriousness, this may also extend to muting, blocking, or reporting of the user.

Please refrain from swearing. We ask that, where possible, posts are made in English as this is the primary language of our staff and users. Discussion should be kept on-topic and personal conversations should be taken elsewhere.

Remember that social media is a public platform. Our social media pages have a large reach and anything you post will likely be seen by a large audience. Be mindful about what content you share; refrain from sharing any personal information about yourself and ensure you review your profile’s privacy settings. Never share information which could identify another person without their consent. When you write content, ask yourself if there is anybody you would not want to see this. If the answer is yes, then re-consider sharing.

Follows, retweets, likes and shares are not an endorsement. Please note that failure to remove particular material does not constitute an endorsement or acceptance of it by WLL. All views and opinions posted on WLL social media are of the individual author and not of WLL.

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