Womens Health Matters

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The Service

Womens Health Matters reduces health inequalities experienced by women from communities across Leeds.  Our group work, peer support and intensive one to one support creates safe environments where women can build trusting relationships and begin to recover their health and regain control of their lives.  In addition our outreach work allows us to broaden our reach to a wide range of women who have often found it more difficult to work with statutory services.

Our group and one to one support is at the heart of WHM’s approach.  We focus on the woman rather than single issues to work successfully with women experiencing a combination of complex challenges.  We create a safe space where women draw support from one another to talk about issues, often for the first time.  They can work at their own pace.

Our work includes supporting women experiencing or at risk of domestic violence, sexual and emotional abuse, and those with children in or at risk of care.  Our breadth of projects also includes work with women seeking asylum, young mums and women with learning disabilities.

Over 80% of women we work with intensively have improved wellbeing, better physical health and feel more empowered to make their own choices.  Three-quarters of those experiencing abuse change or end their relationship.

What we offer

City-wide group work support, 1-2-1 support & Information and Enquiry Service (phone, email, text)

City-wide outreach – health information events

Best Start courses for parents and carers for children up to the age of 2 (South and East Leeds only)

Access Restrictions

City-wide and area specific projects – full details on our website

Services available for women and girls aged 13+

Accessible venues for community based projects

Transport costs provided within some projects

Interpreter services provided within some projects

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