Touchstone Support Centre

The Service

Touchstone Support Centre offers one to one and group support to Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people who live in Leeds. We offer support for individuals who have mental health issues through a person centered apporach. The Support Centre enables people to have a better quality of life in the community and increase their level of independence and confidence. We use a holistic approach to address needs whilst jointly working with other agencies. We offer one to one support to those with a greater need who have a history of poor take up of services for up to 6 months. Whilst also offering a range of groups and activities such as exercise groups, day trips, social events, art group and separate men’s and women’s groups.

What we offer

Access Restrictions

18+ living in Leeds


Address: 53-55 Harehills Avenue, Leeds, LS8 4EX

Telephone: 0113 219 8787



Availability: Monday-Thursday – 9-5pm Friday – 9-4.30pm

Languages: English, Cantonese, Urdu, Punjabi, Miripri and Potohari