Survivor Alliance

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Survivor Alliance is an international, US-based not-for-profit , made of, by, and for survivors of slavery and human trafficking. Survivors must maintain a majority on our Board and staff, and membership is only open to people who self-identify as a survivor. Survivor Alliance builds sustainable survivor communities that focus on meaningful survivor inclusion, economic empowerment, and wellbeing. Survivor Alliance UK CIC is a social enterprise that supports the development of the UK Survivor Network, consults with UK anti-slavery organisations, and provides operational support to Survivor Alliance.

Our mission is to unite and empower survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world.

Services Offered

groups, 1:1s, training,

Benefits of joining Survivor Alliance:

  • Become a part of an international, professional, network of survivors of human trafficking and slavery.
  • Gain access to trainings and workshops on survivor leadership.
  • Gain access to a free online digital community platform to connect with other survivor leaders. In the near future, there will be an online library of resources you can access.
  • Contribute to local and global discussions about how to build sustainable and interconnected survivor communities
  • Develop professional skills that are transferable across employment industries.
  • Participate actively in anti-trafficking and anti-slavery initiatives.

Access Restrictions

members only

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