Leeds Animation Workshop (A Women’s Collective)

45 Bayswater Row Leeds LS8 5LF
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The Service

Set up in 1978 to produce and distribute animated films on social issues, the Workshop is an independent, not-for-profit co-operative run by women. In addition to its local and regional roles as a centre for film exhibition, education and training, it has produced over 40 animated films, to professional broadcast standard.

Subjects include:

violence against women,  sexism,  equality at work, sexual harassment at work, child sexual abuse, gender stereotyping in secondary schools, children living with domestic violence, prisoners and their families, racism,  global poverty,  climate change, parenting,  bereavement,  and support for people with learning disabilities.

The films are distributed throughout the UK and around the world to community groups, colleges, schools, workplaces, hospitals and individuals. They raise awareness and promote positive messages in an engaging and accessible way.

Buy them on DVD to liven up your conference, meeting, course or event!

Discounts for feminist groups.

What we offer

  • Available to give talks and presentations
  • Occasional one-day courses offered – start at 10am, make your own animated film by 6pm!
  • We also hire out our film equipment and technical support

Access Restrictions


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