The Canopy Housing Project

66 Burley Lodge Road LS6 1QF

The Service

Canopy renovates derelict houses to provide decent affordable accommodation for people that are homeless or in housing need.

We offer a ‘self-help’ housing opportunity, which means our tenants have the opportunity to participate in the renovation and decorating of their new home and can choose how they would like their house to look prior to moving in.

We also run a volunteer program open to anyone interested in learning new skills and helping to renovate houses around Leeds.

What we offer

  • Housing
  • Practical Support (e,g, obtaining benefits, reducing bills, finding employment)
  • Signposting
  • Opportunity to  learn DIY, joinery and decorating skills

Access Restrictions

A lot of our housing is back to back terraced houses which may be inaccessible for some people. Must be 16+ to access housing or volunteering program. Must have recourse to public funds for housing, not necessary for volunteering.

Contact Us

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