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The Service

Behind Closed Doors (BCD) supports women whose lives are, or have been, affected by domestic violence and abuse in all communities and areas of Leeds.  We are here to support people of all race and ethnic groups, of all ages and regardless of their sexuality, religious beliefs, disabilities, skills or competencies.  We will try to meet everyone’s individual needs and, where necessary and with consent, get help from other agencies who may have other resources or expertise to make this happen.

The PARS supports people whether they are still in an abusive relationship or whether they have left it (recently or some years ago) but where they are not considered to be at high risk.  If you are still in the relationship and there are concerns that you are at risk, we will help you to access LDVS to address this risk; PARS can then be available to help when you are much safer.   Support is initially offered by regular phone calls, usually from the same Supporter, at a time that is suitable for you.   As soon as a Supporter is able to meet with you face-to-face, the support will continue (you will not need to tell your story again).   We can offer up to 12 meetings if needed.

What we offer

Our Supporters are fully trained in helping people who are/who have experienced domestic violence and abuse and who require emotional or low level practical support, advice or information.

We always aim to personalise our support to meet your own needs but it may include:-

  • Staying Safe
  • Time to explore the Feelings you are having
  • Understanding Abusive Relationships and their Impact
  • Recognising Warning Signs of Abusers
  • Coming to terms with what is/has been experienced
  • Rebuilding Self-confidence and Self-esteem
  • Information for practical issues such as debt problems, returning to work or education
  • Support to restore positive parenting and healing relationships with family members
  • Planning for the future and Healthy Relationships
  • Signposting or advocating with other agencies to access other relevant specialist help

Access Restrictions

No referrals for direct support for girls under the age of 16.

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