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The Service

Basis Yorkshire works with female sex workers and young women that are being sexually exploited or at significant risk thereof and those that have experienced Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE )historically in Yorkshire.

For our Sex Work Project, we offer indoor and street sex workers access to and information about sexual and other health services, domestic and sexual abuse/violence services, harm reduction, criminal justice, housing, benefits and immigration advice. We have a specialist service for women wish leave sex work, access training or education.

For our Young People’s project, we empower and support young women with information about and access to services on healthy relationships, online safety, sexual and reproductive health, substance abuse and therapeutic services, working on a one to one basis with a specially trained worker. We improve young people’s self-esteem and confidence, work with them to recognise that they are being sexually exploited and the risks they face and why they are not to blame as well as supporting criminal justice processes to prosecute the perpetrator. Our peer support service is for young women who have completed our one to one interventions, aimed at further building their confidence by reducing their isolation and other peer support services.

Our Historic (CSE) services supports women (over 18) who have been sexually exploited in the past and  –including improved access to criminal justice or access to sexual, mental or other health services, both one to one and through a peer support group.

We actively encourage service user involvement in all aspects of our work. We also train other organisations working based on our own evidence base, input from service users and good practice from the sector. We advocate for the rights of our service users with local and national stakeholders to challenge stigma and discrimination relating to sex work and child sexual exploitation.

What we offer

  • Sex Work: Drop in: Mon  – Wed 1-4pm and Outreach: Mon (8-11); Wed (8 -10:30); Fri (9-12)
  • Young People: One to one service (only for medium to high risk or actually exploited on referral basis ) and peer support (invitation only)
  • Historic CSE: one to one and weekly peer support group (on a referral basis only)
  • Training:  Bespoke and Open Courses
  • Specialist Sex Work services: New Futures, Housing First, Sexual Health and ISVA/IDVA and Netreach

Access Restrictions

Leeds based only

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