Asha Neighbourhood Project

43 Stratford Street Leeds LS11 6JG
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The Service

Asha Neighbourhood Project’s aim’s to improve the lives of women and children living in South Leeds – an area of multi deprivation and multi ethnicity. We offer a wide range of services to advance the education, employment, health and wellbeing of people whose first language is not English, who due to cultural and childcare restrictions have increased social and economic needs.

We work with women to develop skills/qualifications, increase motivation/participation, lifelong learning and create a positive attitude to learning for the benefit of the whole family. These enable the community to make a positive contribution to the economy and to improve employability skills – towards engaging with the current labour market and to encourage social interaction.

We help women to improve and maintain good standards of health and wellbeing by enabling access to mainstream services, improving knowledge and understanding of local health provision, enabling women to make informed decisions on matters concerning their own and their family’s health.  The health project provides services and activities around physical health, healthy eating, mental health, and health awareness and health management.

We address social and economic needs by providing access to advice information and guidance, raise awareness of entitlement and eligibility to benefits and services including dealing with changes to these benefits, and challenging decisions where appropriate.

Asha improve the communities knowledge and understanding of provision (Local and wider), enable access to mainstream services and local/wider decision making networks.  We empower the community to make informed decisions and promote the specific needs of the community to relevant agencies. Asha does this by providing focus groups, forums, information sessions, open days and events.

What we offer

Advice, Advocacy, Preschool, Play-schemes, Creche, Courses and Classes, Health and well-being projects, Volunteering and placement opportunities, Drop-ins, Groups, Telephone support, 1-2-1 support and Outreach

Access Restrictions

No disabled access but have a ramp to door.

Our services are for women only, though our preschool, crèche and Playschemes are open to both boys and girls up to the age of 12. Our services are aimed at all women from the Inner South Leeds area, but particularly those whose first language is not English.

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