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The Service

Advonet offers free, confidential independent advocacy. Advocacy makes sure people who have difficulty expressing their needs have those needs heard and their rights respected. We will take action to help you express your views, secure your rights, have your interests represented, access information and services and help you explore choices and options.

We are independent of organisations that are providing services so you can be sure your voice is heard. Advocacy is not befriending, counselling or an advice service. We do not provide social support or make decisions for you. We will listen to you, respect your views and support your choices; we will make sure your interests are heard directly or are represented and will help you feel in control of your life.

What we offer

We provide advocacy for anyone needing help to represent their views or interests including people whose first language is not English, people with mental health or physical/sensory needs, people with learning difficulties or older people plus other groups. Get in touch if you are not sure.

In some circumstances a person is legally entitled to an advocate: for example when someone:

  • Has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act
  • Lacks capacity to make a decision
  • Has difficulty understanding or retaining information and doesn’t have an appropriate person to represent them
  • Wants to make a complaint against the NHS.

There may be other circumstances too, so do give us a ring if you feel advocacy would help you.

We also offer specialist services to support people with Autism and people with learning disabilities.  Please visit our website to see more about Leeds Autism Aim, Leep1 and Asking You!

We have staff and volunteers that speak a range of languages, and we have access to interpreters to give support to anyone in any language, including sign language.

Access Restrictions

Most of our services are available to anyone over the age of 18, but there are some circumstances where we represent younger people – please get in touch.

We have accessible offices but can often meet you in a setting of your choice.

Contact Us

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