Service User Engagement

There are many ways women who access Women’s Lives Leeds Services can be involved in the wider activities of the project.

  • You can join our mailing list – keep updated of activities and events by joining our list here…. If you sign up you will be first to know about upcoming events and opportunities.
  • You can attend the Advisory Board- the AB is where women who have previously accessed or currently do come together every 6 weeks. The AB is for any woman who is interested in meeting others, possibly learning more about influencing and shaping the service. You set the agenda, you decide what matters and you decide how much you would like to be involved.

We share lunch and repay expenses for women to attend. If you are interested in joining call or email Isabelle and you will be informed of the next meeting. We can meet you for a coffee beforehand to talk through any worries or questions you have.

Women who have attended the Advisory Board have gone on to sit on recruitment panels, attend events as WLL representatives, attend senior management meetings, develop and run events, and have fun.

No experience is necessary as all the skills needed, can be learnt. Usually there are between 6-12 women attending, it is not a large intimidating group.

In the last year we ran creative projects to engage the voices of women throughout the project. The Advisory Board worked with over 100 different women (in conjunction with Leeds Arts University) and then held an exhibition event, which also included a Q&A with local councilors, to challenge them what they were doing for local women in their constituencies. The event was attended by over 100 different women and also had a theatre performance. Some of the AB chose to be involved in planning, some in set up and some chose to attend only. They chose what was the right level of involvement for them.

  • You can train to become a Peer Evaluator – if you have completed your support with one of our complex case workers, you may be ready for the next challenge. Peer Evaluators attend a special training session and then work with the university evaluation team to assess how well the project is learning. If you are interested speak to your worker, if you have finished your support feel free to contact us.
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