The State of Women’s Health in Leeds

Leeds Women and Girls Voices help shape the first fully inclusive State of Women’s Health report for a city

 Women’s Lives Leeds, in collaboration with Leeds City Council, have had a new unique report providing a comprehensive picture of life, health and wellbeing for women and girls in Leeds commissioned which was published on Friday 8th March 2019 – International Women’s Day.

The report provides detailed analysis of data about health and other factors, combined with conversations with women from across Leeds. City leaders have affirmed that the report will be used to inform future policies and plans.

In response to the launch of the report Women’s Lives Leeds are pleased to say:

This is a major step towards our overall vision for the city which is that many more women and girls in Leeds will have their needs met and be empowered to lead safer, healthier lives.

The report comprehensively focuses on women and girls in Leeds and demonstrates how life factors have both positive and negative effects on their health and wellbeing. This report starkly clarifies that taking a fully inclusive collaborative approach can not only provide dividends for the city but beyond. Not only will this report help shape future arrangements for Leeds, we envisage opportunity for Leeds to influence national policy and strategy and welcome such endeavours.”

Downloading the report

There are five key elements to the report and these are available to download separately:

The full report has been further broken down into 14 bite sized downloadable sections as follows:

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