Great turnout at our Girls Forum

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Great turnout at our Girls Forum

We held our first Young Women Girls Forum at West Yorkshire Playhouse’s First Floor on 3rd August. Over 20 young women and girls attended and had a very productive and fun session getting to know each other, and identifying the top 5 priorities for young women and girls in Leeds.

One of the young women who attended kindly offered to do a write up of the event – see what she has to say…

Hi I’m Rhianna and I’m a peer educator at Getaway Girls. On August 3rd we had the First Women’s Lives Leeds Young Women and Girls Forum. 22 girls came from all different backgrounds. The session was facilitated by Ripa, Sharandeep and me. We are all part of Global Girls campaigning group at Getaway Girls. There was interpreting for young women who spoke Arabic.

It was a chance for girls to meet together to discuss issues that matter to us. We started off with some fun, DJing , listening to music, chatting and having snacks.

We played some icebreaker games that helped the girls to begin to get to know each other.

We then said the aims of the session and created an agreement about working together – like listening and respecting each other, phones on silent etc.

We split up into groups and wrote down the main things that matter to girls in Leeds on gingerbread people. We then all choose one important issue that matters most to us that we want to campaign on. These were put on the wall so we could see which were the same. Next we all put a star on the one we wanted to campaign on most.

To finish we had some  more music from our resident DJ, Sharan and more snacks.

It was great talking about what matters to girls and young women in Leeds. In the end we managed to identify 5 top priorities. These were


This session was a great success as an introduction to the young women’s forum. We look forward to meeting again to build on the campaigns. We decided to meet again in the city centre at the end of September   4.30-6.30.

See you soon


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