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Billy Kenny

“Leeds Women’s Aid (LWA) and Women’s Lives Leeds (WLL) have become aware of the sexual assault and rape allegations against Leeds-based artist Billy Kenny. In his public apology he said that he was attending sessions provided by LWA and WLL. He also said that attending educational sessions and volunteering for non-profits will not automatically root out the problems which permeate the music industry, but he wants to make a positive impact.


LWA and WLL can confirm that we do not run sessions regarding perpetrating domestic violence and abuse, and would not have Billy Kenny or any man volunteering within our services. Whilst we encourage anyone to educate themselves about domestic and sexual violence and abuse, we would suggest that anyone that is, or considers themselves, a perpetrator approach relevant offender led services to recognise and address their own behaviour. We would ask that he refrain from using the names of our services as a way of purporting a change in his behaviour.”

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