Wonderful creations with women

We have been out and about visiting lots of women’s groups over the past couple of weeks as part of our project to develop brands for Women Friendly Leeds and the Leeds Women and Girls [...]

100 dreams 100 days

Getaway Girls have launched a 100-day campaign to celebrate the century of voting rights for women.  They will be hosting ‘100 dreams, 100 days’ which will involve 100 young women from across [...]

Women want more choice

Yesterday we held another focus group with women to help develop the State of Women’s Health in Leeds report. 7 women attended the session to discuss the challenges they face around their [...]

Insightful conversations…

…were had at our first round of focus groups held yesterday to help develop the State of Women’s Health in Leeds report. We held two focus groups with diverse groups of 19 women, [...]

Leeds Girls Hub focus on Safety

The Leeds Girl’s Hub, coordinated by Getaway Girls part of the Leeds Women and Girl’s Hub and the Leeds City Council Equalities Assembly met on Thursday 15th March at the John Lewis [...]

Poetry celebrating Women

We have been lucky to receive some lovely poetry about some of the work we have been doing and supporting this year so far.  The poems have both been written by Kathryn Julie Baydon, who has [...]

Upcoming Girls Forum

Are you a girl or young woman living in Leeds? Do you want to meet other young women? Have you got something to say about being a young woman in Leeds? If you answer YES to any of these questions [...]