Leeds Women & Girls Hub

We are currently looking for a new Hub Chair and Deputy Chair!

The Hub is looking for both a Chair and Deputy Chair to lead the Hub and its future activities and is asking for interested parties to express their interest in either role. *these roles are open to women only*

  1. In no more than 300 words please state why you are interested and what skills/experience you would bring to this role
  2.      Please state clearly, which role you are expressing your interest for and who you are. This will be not be shared until the whole process has concluded (and only if successful)
  3.      Submit your expression to the Women’s Lives Leeds Project Manager (Jeannette@leedswomensaid.org.uk ) by Friday 7th September 2018.

Click the below links for role descriptions:

Leeds Women’s Hub Chair

Leeds Women’s Hub Deputy Chair

What is the Leeds Women’s Hub?

The Hub is a platform for women and girls across our city to come together to share ideas and get their voices heard. The aim of the Hub is to ensure that women and girls are involved in the development of services, and the city as a whole.

Leeds Women's Forum members smile for the camera

The Hub is free to attend for all women and girls, if you are interested in joining and keeping up to date with our activities please join our mailing list, sign up at the bottom of the homepage.

The Leeds Women & Girls Hub was launched in March and has met 3 times since, making huge steps in such a short time.

The first meeting saw the forum agree its priorities :


Violence against Women and Girls,

Employment and workplace rights

Poverty and Austerity

Health and Wellbeing

Through successful partnership working with Public Health the Hub is now leading on the development of a “State of Women’s Health in Leeds” report, (following up the identified Health and Wellbeing priority) which aims to influence local health and wellbeing service commissioners and also is developing a “Women Friendly Leeds” concept, (following up the identified Safety priority) which aims to be launched next year.

Click here to download and read the Women Friendly Leeds concept

Click here to read an article demonstrating how a city in Sweden is leading the way with a great example of ensuring women’s voices are included in policy development. Women Friendly Leeds is a way of ensuring that our city won’t be far behind!

If you have any comments about the concept, which is currently in consultation across the city, please send us your comments. 

In August the Hub launched its Girls sub group which has met twice and also have agreed their priorities:




Opportunities for Girls


The Hub also supports the development of a Physical Activity group, which is led by Active Leeds and Leeds Girls Can.