First Advisory Board A Success!

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First Advisory Board A Success!

We held our first Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory this morning at the fantastic Community Hub offered by the new John Lewis at Victoria Gate. Despite the rain and wind, 4 women turned up to share their thoughts on priorities for women and girls in Leeds and how they can influence Women’s Lives Leeds development and delivery.

Advisory Board John Lewis Community Hub

Advisory Board John Lewis Community Hub

The Board started off with some ice breakers to get to know one another – what do you know about your name? There were some fascinating answers with attendees talking about the origin and reasons behind their chosen names. It even encouraged those who didn’t know much about their names to go and find out more!

Working Agreement

Working Agreement

The group then set some some working agreements to make sure that everyone felt comfortable, knew what to expect, and what was expected of them. These will be reviewed at each session to make sure they reflect the needs of the Board.

We then moved onto the big topic for the session – what are the priorities for women and girls in Leeds? The group identified a huge number of things that affect and influence women and girls in Leeds, from childcare and finances to health, education and empowerment. All of which contribute to a women and girl’s identity and role in society.

Priorities for Women & Girls in Leeds

Priorities for Women & Girls in Leedsa women and girl’s identity and role in society.

These priorities will be referred to and added to at each Advisory Board session. New women and girls will be encouraged to add their priorities ensuring that they are a true reflection of the needs of women and girls in Leeds.

The Board then discussed how as a group they can influence any of these needs and take action to ensure that women and girls voices are heard.

The main areas that were decided to be focus points for the time-being were:

  1. Breaking Down Stigma

  2. Promoting Equality

  3. Education – of professionals, communities and young people

  4. Empowering women and girls to feel safe and have a voice

What can we do?

What can we do?

There were some fantastic discussions had and ideas shared and we are in a brilliant place to move things forward and keep the momentum going for this exciting group!

The Advisory Board were really motivated to support each other and other women and girls interested in joining to make sure that their identified priorities were promoted across the city and that all women and girls have their voices heard!

To become a member of the Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory Board you must be a current or ex service user of one of our 12 partner services (for a list click here). 

The Board will be meeting again week commencing 20th March, final date and venue to be confirmed. 

If you are interested in joining then please get in touch via our contact page or give Jackie, our peer support and participation worker a ring on 07584 132757. 

DON’T FRET! If you would like to get involved with Women’s Lives Leeds but you have not accessed any of our partner services then you can still get involved! Join our Women and Girls Forum and come along to our first Forum meeting on 29th March at Leeds Church Institute. Click here for more information and to book your place! 

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