A full table at our 2nd Advisory Board meeting!

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A full table at our 2nd Advisory Board meeting!

We held our second Advisory Board meeting yesterday. We had a great turnout with 11 women from all across Leeds sitting around the table. 

A big thank you to all the women who attended the second meeting of the Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory Board. A productive few hours were spent working out what direction the women wanted to take. It was an interesting session where the women started to set an agenda of what is important to them. We had women present who had never done anything like this and some who had a lot of experience of developing voice and influence.

It was a great mix.

The women felt they were not representative of the women who access the services across the 12 partners that make up Women’s Lives Leeds. We discussed at length about why it matters and what barriers women might face. The women felt that if they as service users spoke to different women across the partnership, other women might be more willing to become involved. We also discussed the issues that matter to them, however it was decided that until the group was more representative it didn’t make much sense to pick one to focus on.

The next meeting will focus on how they will encourage more women to be involved.

The women kept being reminded that it was THEIR agenda and THEIR decisions how the group may or may not run, and THEIR call as to what they wanted to progress.

It is a great place to be and yet scary. Many of us – especially when we access support services – get used to being told what is happening, so it is a new experience for women to be asked exactly HOW THEY want to progress.

It is an exciting journey….Why don’t you come along?

The next meeting has been set for Wednesday May 24th between 11.00-1.00. The venue is yet to be confirmed but do save the date.

If you have any questions or special requirements (including creche) that need addressing in order to help you participate, please don’t hesitate to contact Jackie on 07584132757 or jackie@leedswomensaid.org.uk.

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