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What is the difference between an ambassador and an ally?

Both roles are vital to Women Friendly Leeds. Ambassadors are enthusiastic, passionate women who are key drivers in the Women Friendly Leeds movement. They support other women and girls to be involved, make change and represent WFL within the community in support of the five key objectives. You may find that you gravitate more towards one of the objectives and choose to focus on that.

Allies are women, men, or businesses who promote Women Friendly Leeds, support others to get involved and spread the word, encouraging conversations about women’s issues across Leeds.

Could I be an ambassador?

Could you promote the initiative to show collective support across the city?

Could you tell other people about how they can get involved and make a pledge to support Leeds to be a more Women Friendly City?

Could you support women and girls to speak up and have their voices heard?

Could you promote and share information, activities and policies with other ambassadors?

Could you assess public spaces, services and organisations, and rate how safe they are for women and girls, and make recommendations?

Do you have any other ideas about the role you could play as an Ambassador? We would love to know your thoughts, and welcome any other Women Friendly Leeds activities.

Could I be an ally?

Could you promote the initiative?

Could you tell other people about how they can get involved in Women Friendly City?

Could you support women and girls to participate?

Could you encourage men and boys to get involved?

Could you create space for women and girls to share their experiences, and Women Friendly Leeds initiatives?

At WFL we are proud to represent the voices of women and girls in an inclusive way. We recognise the diversity of women’s experiences and welcome all women and girls, men and boys to join our movement. Together we are stronger.

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