The Advisory Board: an opportunity to grow with inspiring women

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The Advisory Board: an opportunity to grow with inspiring women

The Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory Board is a group of up to 10 friendly women who have accessed support from different WLL women’s organisations.

This is what two members say about being part of it:

‘I’ve grabbed every opportunity that’s been given to me, attended all the courses and meetings. It’s a very nurturing family and they are helping me build myself back up. I’ve grown so much in my mind and personally. It’s given me more confidence and I knew it would, that’s why I joined’  Member since June 2020

‘I joined the Advisory Board because I get knowledge of what’s happening in the community, get to know other points of view and learn new things. You give your own views to make improvements there, you can raise your voice about anything and meet new people. I gain knowledge of how meetings work, how to take ideas and make changes’  Member since May 2020

Our board is looking for more women* who have used any WLL services, want to meet other women and share ideas on making Leeds a better place for women, within and outside our organisations.

We meet for a couple of hours every 4-5 weeks and ask that you commit to coming to at least 6 meetings a year, or if you can, 2 hours every month.

Find out about why you should join here.

Please contact Isabelle if you would like to have a no-pressured chat about joining. You are welcome to volunteer with your friend if they have also accessed WLL services in the past or present. Accessible travel and childcare can be refunded if needed, but let us know if we can do anything to help you be able to attend.

We are currently meeting online, but will meet face-to-face when regulations ease. 

*We invite all cis, trans and non-binary femme-presenting women to join us for these meetings.

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