WLL Voices Project

The WLL VOICES Project (Views, Opinions & Insights Consultation & Engagement Systems) is a Comic Relief “Power Up” initiative. Funded for four years, it aims to develop and strengthen the Women & Girls Hubs, enabling them to be vehicles for a movement to bring about change in Leeds.

The Project will also focus on broadening the engagement of women and girls across Leeds, putting their voices at the heart of decision making, informing and influencing: service design and planning and commissioning in the city, thus ensuring Leeds becomes the 1st UK Women Friendly City; a Beacon city in the UK promoting change.

The Project aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. A movement so that Leeds is the first UK city to be badged as a “Women Friendly City”
  2. Leeds centring on women and girls needs and supporting the fight against gender injustice
  3. Women and Girls will be empowered to take part and influence service delivery, development and design across the city

To find out how to get involved and about all the activities please visit the Women Friendly Leeds Website.

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