WLL Covid Recovery – Digital Inclusion Project

In May 2020, the WLL Alliance received COVID Recovery funding from Comic Relief to provide a “Digital Disadvantaged” fund that was extended across the city to provide the most vulnerable women and girls with simple equipment to enable them to access services and opportunities which are online.

This Project also offered and delivered training, which focussed on digital awareness, how to use the internet and covered the basics in on-line form filling, how to use digital and technical equipment so that many women and girls, once receiving equipment, knew how to use it effectively.

The resources provided included:

  • Tablets, simple laptops, data sticks/dongles for organisations to manage for use by their own particular vulnerable service users, if they have limited access to computers or the internet.
  • Data sticks/dongles for vulnerable women access to the internet and online support
  • Simple smart phones for those who do not have a phone

Although the Project has come to a successful end, its legacy continues. The Project reached over 840 women and girls from a range of communities and also saw 38 practitioners trained in digital knowhow, who since have cascaded that training through their respective organisations to more women, young women and girls.

Case Study

One beneficiary had the following to say about the WLL COVID Digital Inclusion Project:

Being loaned a tablet during lockdown for my therapy has unlocked and lifted my isolation. It has made me aware that I am capable of connecting digitally and an awareness that I am loved and cared for. I want to thank all the lovely women in the office who spent time training me on how to use the tablet and the organisation for caring and connecting me to the outside world.

M was unable to connect with services other than by telephone prior to becoming a beneficiary of this project and receiving a tablet. Her circumstances were that she did not have a smart phone, the resource to purchase, nor the skills or confidence to use smart technology. She did not have internet access at home.

M is now successfully accessing group therapy sessions via Zoom.

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