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The WLL Alliance centres strong partnership work as key to supporting the needs of women and girls in our city and beyond.  WLL Alliance members work together to empower women and girls through delivering a range of projects and have been successful in being awarded funding to deliver these, both as a twelve strong Alliance and as smaller partnerships within the Alliance.

The WLL Alliance continues to work together to help shape strategic conversations and thinking and is continuously working in partnership to secure much needed funds, to support the most vulnerable women, young women and girls across the city.

The Projects listed down the side of this page can access on this page are the more strategic and have secured a high profile across the city, but there are many more smaller projects of equal merit, value and need which are not detailed on this page.

Our Projects listed in more detail on our website are the:

  1. National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) – Women’s Lives Leeds Project
  2. WLL Covid Recovery – Digital Inclusion Project
  3. WLL Voices Project


Other Successful Projects the WLL Alliance has delivered include:

The year long city-wide Community Outreach programme – Centenary Celebrations of the Suffrage Movement, celebrating some Women having the right to Vote for the first time. The Project Report is available here.

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