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About Women’s Health Matters:

Women’s Health Matters champions freedom for disadvantaged women and girls so they may have a fair chance at a better life. They work intensively with around 750 women each year in and around Leeds. These women are most at risk, including those experiencing domestic violence, sexual and emotional abuse, those with children in care or at risk of being removed, young mums, women seeking asylum, women with learning difficulties, and women with complex needs or mental health and wellbeing needs.

They take a woman-centred holistic approach, creating a safe, nurturing environment to help women recover their confidence, explore their own needs and regain control over their lives.

​They specialise in group work, peer support, and providing one-to-one support. Their broad health remit enables women experiencing violence and abuse to raise these issues in safety and to receive support without stigma or partner suspicion.

Their Services

Women’s Health Matters provide a range of support and services, with a particular emphasis on group support. Their services include support for women seeking asylum,  women whose children live with someone else, women affected by domestic abuse, and women with disabilities, who want to learn about their bodies, staying safe and healthy relationships.

Currently the support services they run include:

Breathe Free – A domestic violence group split into three parts, part one is an 8 week stabilisation group, part 2 is a 14 week domestic violence awareness course and part 3 is a volunteering opportunity for women who have gone through the course

Feel Good – Healthy Relationships Group for women with learning disabilities

Rainbow Hearts – Group for women seeking asylum

Snowdrops – online wellbeing group and 1:1 support

The Key Change – Domestic Violence Awareness Group for Schools

Inside Out – Parenting Group for women whose children who are no longer in their care

Rosebuds – Peer Support Group for women whose children are no longer in their care

Wow!- Outdoor Activity group for women seeking Asylum.

(updated July 2021)

Please visit their website for more information and updates on their services.

To find out more and access their support:

Visit their website here.

To contact them:

Call 0113 276 2851

Email admin@womenshealthmatters.org.uk

Use their contact form on their website here.

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