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Shantona Women’s Centre is a unique service that provides women, children, young people and families with an open and transparent support system. Their vision is to inspire and empower women, strengthen families, and build communities to be confident, independent and resilient. They also work hard to recognise inequalities and discrimination, challenging whenever it occurs. Their family support service offers a holistic approach to dealing with many diverse and complex issues. With over 14 languages spoken at the centre, they pride themselves on having a multi-cultural team of workers who collectively bring together a broad range of experiences, different ideas and create a solid and knowledgeable support system for those who need it.

Their Services

Shantona Inspire and empower culturally diverse communities with a strong focus on women and families from South Asian backgrounds. They develop their services to ensure that those who need them the most get the best possible care and support that is tailored to their individual needs. They offer a wide range of services that increase community cohesion and work towards reducing inequality in health and well-being, supporting women experiencing DVA and encouraging healthy relationships. They work with adults, young people, children, and communities, in a range of areas including employment, parenting, mental health, and empowering young people. Please visit their website for more information.

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Visit their website here.

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Call 0113 249 7120

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