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Joanna Project work with women who are facing multiple disadvantages, including women experiencing addiction to substances and women involved in street sex work.

They are a Christian organisation but do not impose their faith and women of all faiths or none are welcome to use their services without discrimination. They start where a woman is now and help her reach the next step for her. They will be involved for as long as she wants, whether weeks, months or years. If a woman loses contact with the Joanna Project, she is welcome back whenever she wants, there is no complicated referral process, a phone call will do.

Their Services

Joanna Project offers evening and daytime outreach, and a “sanctuary” drop-in service. Their evening outreach team is made up of volunteers, who go out multiple times a week with hots drinks, food and condoms to build relationships with women. Their daytime outreach is led by their support and outreach workers, who establish relationships with women and provide ongoing practical and emotional support for as long as it’s needed.

Their daytime sanctuary “Joanna House” offers a safe place to get support, access showers and washing machines, access activities and company, and find clothes and toiletries.

To find out more and access their support:

Visit their website here.

To contact them:

Call 0113 350 8071.

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