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Our Vision

That many more women and girls in Leeds will have their needs met and be empowered to lead safer and healthier lives.

Our Mission

To ensure that the most vulnerable woman and girls have improved and extended access to the services and support they want, when they choose.

To ensure that the needs of women and girls with multiple and complex needs are better supported through a holistic response from services: and that they are able to live independent lives in society.

To ensure that women and girls are empowered to support their peers and influence service delivery, development and design across the city.

Our Alliance

To fulfil our mission, we have united 12 organisations that work with women and girls across Leeds. Through strategic collaboration, we work together to support women and girls to access holistic support to suit their needs, get their voices heard on issues that affect them and live fulfilling and independent lives in our city.  To find out more about our alliance members, visit the “Our Alliance” page.

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